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Cut down your daily waste

THE TOP BIG 4 PLASTICS Plastic bottles, coffee cups, straws & bags Is your plastic free journey not working out as well as planned? Don’t fret you are not alone. It only takes a few simple steps to create sustainable lifestyle choices and Love Thy……

Help us save the koalas

Koalas are in desperate need of our help and together we can make a difference! Koalas reside in Australia and nowhere else in the entire world. How special is that! Sadly 95% of our precious Koalas are already gone. Experts say that these iconic marsupials……

Recycling 101

Waste management and recycling can be confusing. Recycling is a business. And like any business, recycling needs an end-buyer, someone who has use for the recycled materials. The whole idea of recycling is that we can divert plastics away from landfill and that we can……





Love Thy Earth have made it easy for you to change your habits to that of conscious ones



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