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All Products are 100% Ethically made

Eco-friendly products made with love from Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast.

Love Thy Earth is a family-run brand born from a strong desire to contribute to creating a greener future, not a wasteful one. All your needs are covered with our bathroom and kitchen essentials, our resuable cutlery and straw kits, our unique Australian made linen and cotton apparel, our reusable face-wear, tote bags, bread bags and produce storage bags, which provide viable shopping solutions, replace one-time-use plastics and the need for synthetic materials.

Each product within our brand has been designed and chosen through extensive research to meet our impeccably high standards in terms of quality, ethical, fair-trade, sustainability, compostability and biodegradability. all of the textile-products such as our tote bags, food storage bags, produce bags, reusable face wear and apparel have all been designed, cut and made in Australia by our unique family trio (mother, daughter, father), made in our family studio located in the Gold Coast hinterland. Marilyn is the fabric technician, having over 40 years experience sewing in the textile trade, Gary has decades of experience cutting and packaging textile orders and Renee is the creative director and founder of Love Thy Earth, She is an almost qualified Naturopath (BHSc), an environmentalist and a newly made mama-bear to a beautiful big blue eyed boy; Reid. This family collaboration gives us a unique opportunity to design and manufacture our own range of earth-loving products right here in Australia and if you ask us, there really is no better thing than Australian made!

Everything within our brand is made purely with thoughtfulness and conscious intention to create non-wasteful and sustainable eco products that are true to the word ‘eco’ and benefit both the people and the planet. We believe in being apart of the solution, not the pollution.

You will notice a distinct lack of plastic in our online store, which also extends to our packaging and postage. All of our products are sent carbon neutral and packaged using recycled and plastic free packaging. We walk out talk and support all sustainable lifestyle practices near and far, working alongside other local businesses who hold the same views as we do. We believe that both the people and the planet matter!

So take a browse at what we have and reach out of you have any questions.

Big Love,

LTE Family x

Love Thy Earth's Australian Made "Produce Bags"

Minimising Plastic Waste

Our sustainability journey started a long time ago.

In the year 2009 Renee, the creator and designer of Love Thy Earth took a pledge to live a more sustainable, plastic reducing lifestyle. This journey has led to creating products that help others do the same. We create products that are truly ethical and sustainable for both you and the environment. Love Thy Earth, meaning Love your Earth, is a company that does not cut corners to fill one’s pocket. Everything that goes into our brand is made with conscious choice behind it and we won’t release a product out into the world until we are 100%  satisfied it won’t negatively impact the earth in any way. Plastics have pervaded our everyday lives and they’re damaging the environment and harming earth’s inhabitants. We strive to create products that are unique, with a set intention to create a greener future. We aim to inspire and create a sustainable future for us, for our children and for this precious planet we live on. After all, Earth is our home and we only have one chance to keep her safe. It’s not too late. We can all make a difference. One eco bag, one straw and one natural fibre garment at a time!

100% Natural Fibres

Plastic Free

100% biodegradable

Australian designed & manufactured

Local Family Business

Eco Product Range

Our unique textile range is designed and manufactured here in Australia, amongst the gum trees in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Love Thy Earth’s textile range is designed, manufactured & distributed by a mother, daughter and father trio. Industrial machinery is used to manufacture our entire textile range, whether is be our clothing range, eco bags, produce and food storage bags, or our face masks, which assures the quality and durability of all of our products. Our textile range is made from 100% natural fibres, meaning that no synthetic materials such as plastics, nylons or polyesters are used, so you can always have peace of mind that each piece within our entire range will break down naturally the way that nature intended it to be.