Produce Enhancing 5 pack


Take care of all your produce needs with our Produce Enhancing 5-pack. These are not your average produce bags! Place your veggies inside, wet them and then place them in the crisper of your fridge and see how much longer your produce keeps. Our produce enhancing bags are lightweight, convenient and will last you many years. They’re made from entirely natural fibre, unbleached-calico (cotton) and water based inks, to enable them to completely biodegrade naturally when discarded.

Simply Choose your produce enhancing 5-pack Mixed – OR – Medium

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Australian made reusable eco bag: Produce Enhancing 5-pack.

100% Plastic freee, Handmade in Australia

Medium Includes 5x Bags: Dimensions

  • 1x X-Small (22cm L x 17cm W) / Weight:
  • 4x Medium (28cm L x 34cm W) / Weight:

Mixed Includes 5x Bags: Dimensions 

  • 1x X-Small (22cm L x 17cm W) / Weight:
  • 2x Small (26cm L x 31cm W) / Weight:
  • 1x Medium (28cm L x 34cm W) / Weight:
  • 1x Large (55cm L x 32cm W) / Weight:

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